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Invest in rediscovering your self image.

The founder of CP Cosmetics, Charis had a dream to produce her own brand of cosmetics that would make a significant difference to a person's life and something that would really work.

However, she never had the financial means to do so, but after having being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2019, a cancer insurance pay-out from Platinum Life enabled her to invest in her dream and Hair Stuff™ and CP Cosmetics was born.

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If you are currently under the care of an Oncologist, consult with your Oncologist prior to use. 



Reading through Givaudan’s clinical studies on a product called Redensyl® (a hair growth galvaniser) sparked my interest as I always had rather fine, wispy hair. As part of my treatment to stop a recurrence of breast cancer I was told that I would need to take Tamoxifen for the next 10 years; a side effect of Tamoxifen is thinning hair.  The day I started taking Tamoxifen I started using Hair Stuff™ religiously. Two years later I am happier with my hair than I have ever been; it’s not perfect but I love it! This reflects my journey – I’m not perfect but I am happier within myself than I have ever been.

Charis, 54 years old

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