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Interested in becoming a Distributor of our products?

We value your interest in becoming a CP Cosmetics Distributor and look forward to a prosperous journey together.

By partnering with us, you can qualify for 10% discount for less than 10 bottles, 15% discount for 10-19 bottles and 20% discount for more than 20 bottles.

However, in order to ensure that our quality and compliance are of the highest standards, we endeavour to connect with our prospective distributors and their businesses.

Process of Application:


Fill in the Application Request Form

Click here to fill in the Application Request Form. We will respond to your application as soon as possible.


More info

We will send you more information about being a Distributor of CP Cosmetics. IF you choose to continue with the application, we will require a few more details about your business.


Login and Order

Once approved, you will be sent a Welcome email and your Login details for the Distributor shop. You can then login and order your first shipment of product!

Some terms of Distributorship:

  • Distributor must operate a business from a physical premises accessible to the public.

  • Required to buy a minimum of 10 bottles of product per month. (Should there be a period of 3 months without the minimum number of purchases then distributorship will be deemed null and void. Pricing will then revert to retail prices.

  • The minimum number of bottles cannot be carried over for a period more than 3 months (i.e. can buy 30 bottles and not again for the next 2 months).

  • Distributor discounts do not apply to promotions, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by CP Cosmetics.

  • No credit facilities will be given.

  • A CP Cosmetics representative has the right to inspect the premises at anytime during operating hours without prior permission.

Any questions?

sales@cpcosmetics.co.za  \  admin@cpcosmetics.co.za



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