Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to apply Hair Stuff™ serum when wet?

Hair Stuff™ may leave a slight residue on dry hair, but it does not affect the performance of the product. Many people prefer applying it to dry hair, especially if only applying to patches or specific areas (or eyebrows) as they can see and feel where it is being applied.

Can you use Hair Stuff™ serum at night and wash it out in the morning?

Hair Stuff™ can be applied at night, it will not leave a residue on the pillow; however it should be applied daily and after the hair is washed.

Can you apply other leave in hair products along with Hair Stuff™ serum?

As long as you apply the leave in products AFTER Hair Stuff™ serum and the serum has been applied to the scalp.

Can you blow dry your hair after applying Hair Stuff™ serum?

You can definitely blow dry your hair, it contains alcohol – so the alcohol just evaporates off sooner when blow drying your hair but the cosmetic active is heat stable CP Cosmetics is planning to launch an alcohol-free option in the future; giving you the choice.

Do you need to continue using Hair Stuff™ serum once there is regrowth?

If you are experiencing hair thinning it will come back. A maintenance application is advised – apply once every 2 or 3 days.

Why does the key ingredient, Redensyl®, not appear on the list of ingredients on the packaging?

Redensyl® is a trade name. Only INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) names are allowed to be used which is ‘Cosmetic Compliant'. INCI names are systematic names internationally recognised to identify cosmetic ingredients.

What does the CANSA smart choice seal of recognition mean?

The CANSA SOR (Seal of Recognition) means that Hair Stuff™ is safe to use and does not contain any ingredients that may be carcinogenic and a whole bunch of other things that we do not want! To find out more details as to what exactly the CANSA SOR means go to our Website and click on the CANSA smart choice logo to find out.

Why is the CANSA SOR important to CP Cosmetics and particularly Hair Stuff?

Besides CANSA offering such an amazing support network for cancer patients it is particularly important for us at CP Cosmetics to be able to give you the assurance that Hair Stuff™ passes strict scrutiny on the safety for use. Particularly as many of our users are undergoing treatment (or have already undergone treatment) for cancer.